Business Financial Management

Enable businesses to integrate bookkeeping, projections, financial statements, financing, and more across their financial institutions.

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Give businesses the ability to aggregate all their financial accounts in one place

Businesses increasingly want to manage their finances within a unified interface that enables them to view balances, initiate payments, allocate capital, and more. Fintechs that want to provide this service need to access business account data from a variety of financial institutions and present the collated account details to the user.

With Akoya’s APIs for business banking, businesses can securely share their data (such as account balances, transactions, assets, and debts) with fintech apps using their financial institution’s existing online portal.

The fintech apps can then use the data to provide services related to tracking spending patterns, budgeting and saving, debt reduction, and more.

That means businesses can benefit from streamlined back-office operations, improved data aggregation across functions, and improved views of their finances holistically — without the risks associated with screen scraping.

Note: Business financial management does not relate to taxes or money movement.

How it works

Akoya redirects consumer to their bank to authenticate
Akoya redirects consumer to their bank to authenticateScreen
Akoya redirects consumer back to fintech app
Akoya redirects consumer back to fintech app
Akoya establishes data flow
Akoya establishes data flow


“After one seamless integration onto Akoya, we are now able to authorize direct connections with data aggregators and fintechs that will use the Akoya Data Access Network. The data recipients that the customer authorizes to connect to their U.S. Bank account through Akoya will receive authorized and permissioned access to U.S. Bank customer data, all while giving consumers the confidence that their data is safe and secure.”


Bill Demchak EVP & Chief Digital Officer, Enterprise Platforms & Capabilities, U.S. Bank

“PNC takes very seriously our responsibility to protect the financial and account information that our customers entrust to us. Many customers assume it is safe to provide their sensitive information to the financial app of their choice. However, we know this information has been used for unauthorized access to customer accounts. That is why we have been taking interim steps to provide accessibility and security.…  [We] are providing a permanent solution for striking the right balance between customer choice and data protection.”

Bill Demchak Chairman, President, and CEO, PNC

“Consumers' personal financial data should only be accessed with their explicit consent and they should have the ability to monitor and revoke that access. For this reason, we created Akoya and are now joining with several financial institutions to accelerate the availability of a secure, transparent and more reliable network for the entire financial services industry.”

Abigail P. Johnson Chairman and CEO, Fidelity Investments

“Akoya provides another option for third parties to safely connect to Chase. Most importantly, our over 60 million digitally active customers will have full control and visibility into the data they choose to share with apps and companies. This brings us closer to a future where customers know with certainty what information they’re sharing and with whom.”

Paul LaRusso Managing Director of Digital Platforms, JPMorgan Chase
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