Access balances and rates of bank accounts, credit cards, loans, investments, and more.

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Secure access to financial account balances

Balances are primary financial data associated with accounts that reflect recent account updates and financial actions taken by the account holder. Akoya is most commonly used to access bank and brokerage account data, but if permissioned by the user, other information can also be shared, including:

  • Credit score data
  • Asset information
  • Business accounting data
  • Credit limits
  • Due dates
  • Interest rates
  • Rewards balances

Akoya’s Balances product

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Applicable use cases


Lending & credit enhancement

Access bank or brokerage data to better inform lending decisions.

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Payment enablement

Validate account information to authorize account-to-account payments.

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Personal financial management

Give consumers the ability to aggregate their financial accounts in one place.

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