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Akoya careers

Empower people to share their data securely

Be an Akoyan

We’re not just building a product — we’re building a vibrant community of diverse people with curious minds and collaborative spirits that make up the foundation of our culture.

As Akoyans, we stay committed to each other and the common values we share.

Our story

No barriers

We are not confined to silos — we branch out to solve problems in an expansive way.

Challenge and support one another

We empower team members to have discussions, make decisions, and elevate each other through collaboration.

Transparency at all levels

Whether it's through company-wide meetings or day-to-day conversations, we encourage visibility and open discussion about the work of Akoya.

Voice your impact

We give everyone the opportunity to lead creatively and develop new ideas to share with the team.


At Akoya, we do everything we can so you can enjoy life both inside and outside of work.

Group 202
Work anywhere

Connect and collaborate here, there, or anywhere.

Group 203
Flexible schedule

Attend to personal concerns when you need to.

Group 204
Generous vacation

Take time. Take care of you.

Stay healthy

Receive competitive medical, dental, and vision benefits.

Group 203-1
Life Planning

Plan for the future with a 401k match, maternity/paternity leave, disability, life insurance, and more.

Group 204-1
Career development

Explore different work and career paths — we’ll help you try something new.

Group 196
Social activities

Have fun and get to know your colleagues.

Let’s learn together

Akoyans are more than just technologists and financial data enthusiasts, our interests and knowledge extends to music, art, service, and much more.

We help cover the costs to develop your mind and talents within a flexible and supportive environment so you can continue your learning journey.


Further your education with free online Udemy courses.


Attend external workshops, meetups, and conferences on our behalf.


Gain in-demand skills with our technical certification reimbursement policy.

Open positions