We’re thrilled to welcome Vanessa Sant’Anna to Akoya as the new VP of Engineering! 

Vanessa is a seasoned engineering leader with 17+ years of experience in software development and team management. She has a passion for innovation and is committed to helping organizations deliver the very best products and services.

Over the past 5 years, she has focused on helping companies transform their software and product development practices to be more lean and agile to support business needs and stay ahead of the competition.  

In a previous position as Director of Engineering at Better.com, Vanessa played a key role in turning a small group of engineers into the team responsible for the entire customer experience. She worked to align engineering with goals for increased quality, maintainability and predictability of deliverables.  

At Renaissance Learning, she was responsible for the technical strategy for a platform for interoperability across a fragmented portfolio of applications. 

Bringing people together, motivating teams, growing people, and delivering impactful solutions are Vanessa’s strengths. She’s also driven by continuous improvement and looking for ways to make software development faster and more efficient. 

 Happy to have you with Akoya, Vanessa! 

Connect with Vanessa on LinkedIn.